We Connect Screens

Our software solutions connect screens and enable the mobile device. We create a wireless, high performance experience. We eliminate the limitation of small screens. We allow you to be productive. Get entertained. Do more.


Use TVCast to watch movies directly on your TV. Any TV becomes a Smart TV and any Android, Windows, or iOS device becomes a smart controller. Movie streaming has never been easier.
  • Watch movies directly on your TV
  • Control the experience from any Android, Windows, or iOS touch device
  • Intuitive, native touch
  • Enjoy the wealth of the Android ecosystem
  • End to end solution for the TV dongle and control device


Use GameCast to play any game on your big screen TV. Use your mobile device as a smart controller. No latency, no wires, no hassle, just lots of fun.
  • Play any Android game on a big screen
  • Your own mobile device becomes a sensor or touch based controller
  • Multi-player games
  • No latency


Modern meeting rooms should have no wires under the table and no PCs on it. Meeting participants should be able to actively participate. Consider it done.
  • Multi-Cast solution (one-to-many)
  • Wireless and high performance
  • Interact with the main display using any touch device
  • Easily share on a big screen any media file or document from your Android, Windows and iOS devices


Share, collaborate, and engage. Bring your mobile device to the classroom and make your work show. Interact with the main display, be an active participant. Thrive.
  • Multi-Cast solution (one-to-many)
  • IT Friendly
  • Wireless and high performance
  • Interact with the main display using any touch device


Your mobile device can do much more. With Wi-Dock’s Elastic UI layer it will all look, feel, and behave like a PC. Just connect it to your work station peripherals and unleash its productivity potential.
  • Enable your Smartphone or tablet to become a productivity device
  • Wirelessly connect to mouse, keyboard, and desk monitor
  • Your mobile device looks, feels, and behaves like a PC

Drive Cast

Safety and information at your fingertips at the front and a wealth of entertainment at the back, Drive Cast brings to life the Connected Car concept.
  • All screens are wirelessly connected
  • Safety oriented dashboard display
  • Multi-player gaming and entertainment


Our solutions create a comprehensive matrix of supported Operating Systems, chipset-optimized stacks, and communication protocols. It’s about being agnostic without making any compromise.

Core Platform

Dynamic Resource Manager

The Dynamic Resource Manager is a sophisticated platform component that deals with device and group management, as well as bandwidth management. The changing conditions of a setup, the environment it operates in, and the exact requirements that are characteristic to specific scenarios require dynamic adjustments. Smart resource and parameters management assures optimal performance across use cases and scenarios, while providing superior user experience and system stability.

Screen Sharing Stack

The Screen Sharing Stack is at the core of the solution’s ability to effectively and efficiently transfer content types from one device to the other. Being bi-directional, this stack ensures flexibility and wide range of features. It transfers four main content types – Video, Audio, Data, and Control. The exact scenario will determine which content type will be delivered and what priority will be assigned to each one of them at any specific time.

Multi-Platform Foundation

Screenovate’s end-to-end platform includes a few layers of optimization elements, including Operating Systems, chipsets, transport layers, Protocols and video compression standards. In order to keep the agnostic nature of the different solutions, the platform creates a comprehensive matrix of interoperability between the different elements and avoids the risk of being one dimensional and dependent.

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